Need a ‘hero’ solution for app development? Introducing Salesforce Heroku Platform

Need a ‘hero’ solution for app development? Introducing Salesforce Heroku Platform

Need a ‘hero’ solution for app development? Introducing Salesforce Heroku Platform 1200 630 Telcowin

Need a ‘hero’ solution for app development?
Introducing Salesforce Heroku Platforma polyglot cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) for building, deploying, and running apps.

The latest Salesforce offering taking organisations by storm, Heroku platform enables app developers to spend 100% of their time on coding, instead of on managing servers, deployment, on-going operations, or scaling.

We rely on Heroku as the platform for mission-critical apps, and it is helping us transform how we connect and engage with our customers – Pierre Masai , CIO, Toyota Motor Europe

With global multinationals such as Macy’s, Toyota, Westfield, Lutron, GE, and Code for America already on board, the Heroku platform processes 5 billion requests per day, and has created over 4 million applications and over 150 add-on services.

Salesforce Heroku coupled with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides complementary PaaS and IaaS that delivers on all your technical needs. Heroku is a developer-friendly platform, allowing for easily scalable app development and management, and runs on powerful AWS infrastructure for enhanced data, media, and compatibility options.

The result is everything you need to build, run, and scale customer applications.

How It Works

  • A development and deployment platform delivered as a service
  • A platform that supports the tools and languages you love
  • A curated ecosystem of over 150 best in class Add-ons like PostgreSQL, SendGrid and New Relic
    • One bill to pay for all the components of your app
  • No more
    • Procuring virtual machines
    • Installing and managing code runtime environment
    • Installing web servers
    • Procuring, managing and tuning databases
    • Configuring and testing load balancing
    • Patching the software stack (e.g. Heartbleed)
    • Wearing pagers for the infrastructure stack

The Benefits

  • Allows you to focus on developing your apps, instead of managing servers, services, and environments
  • Easy scale up and scale down of deployment environments
  • Highly available development, test, QA and deploy environments
  • Fastest way to develop and deploy modern apps

Create apps that connect with customers – faster and more easily

Introducing the Heroku Platform to Malaysian Businesses

To further our efforts to ensure that Malaysian organisations benefit from the limitless possibilities that the Heroku platform provides, Telcowin organised its first Heroku Platform event on 21st February 2019 at Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Choose Heroku for the same reasons disruptive start-ups do; it’s the best platform for building with modern architecture to innovate quickly and scale precisely to meet demand.

The event was a success with a 90% capacity reached, as invitees were eager to find out more about Heroku, its uses, and its benefits, with leading experts Nuno Pereira, Platform Account Director ASEAN of Salesforce, and Joseph Lumban Gaol, CEO of PT Axiata Digital Service Indonesia, (an avid Heroku user who shared his positive and inspirational user experience during the event) as guest speakers.

Upcoming Events

We will be conducting a digital transformation events for industry-specific across all Salesforce Platform, as below:

Hospitality Industry Event @ 22nd April 2019
Property and Real Estate Event @ July 2019
Government Agencies Event @ November 2019